Choose from the machine and gear products available at our Evansville, IN shop, serving Owensboro, IN

If you're building a machine that requires a variety of mechanical parts, or if you need a replacement part, Moore Machine & Gear, Inc. of Evansville, IN can help. We offer a range of components that could be used to construct or repair a custom mechanism.

You can reach us at 812-963-3074 to find out more about our product selection. Easily accessible from Owensboro, IN. We also ship nationwide.

Build your machine with superior components

Build your machine with superior components

Here are some of the products we offer to help you construct your mechanism:

  • Helical gears (up to 36" in diameter)
  • Spine shafts and bores
  • Worms (up to 10" in diameter)
  • Worm gears (up to 36" in diameter)
  • Gear racks
  • Spur gears
  • Internal gears
  • Straight bevels
  • Anti-backlash
  • Parallel shaft gear drives
  • Cross shaft gear drives
  • Sprockets
  • Ratchet tooth drives
  • Pump gears
  • Clockworks
Work with Moore Machine & Gear to find the right products to complete your mechanism.